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    West Avenue School
    51 N. West Avenue
    Bridgeton, NJ 08302
    Phone: (856) 455-8030 ext. 2250
    Fax: (856) 451-4935


    Principal: Mr. Sam Hull
    Asst. Principal:Mrs. Wendy Jamerson
    Anti-Bullying Specialist:Mrs. Jodie Mazza


    School Compact (English)
    School Compact (Spanish)
    WAS Student Handbook

    West Avenue School

    Welcome to West Avenue School
    West Avenue School is a safe, fun learning environment for approximately 600 students in grades K through 8. The school strives to create an engaging atmosphere for all students so that they may acquire the skills and knowledge to become lifelong learners.

    Mission Statement

    The mission of West Avenue School is to have all pupils meet the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards and go on to high school to become life long learners who will make positive contributions to the community.

    Vision Statement
    To create a transparent school house, with state of the art capability, clearly focused on having all students achieve academic and interpersonal excellence, supported by committed parents, community members and staff who feel a moral obligation to help all our children meet the highest standards.
    Our Principal's Leadership Philosophy
    Leadership is the process of persuasion or example by which an individual (or leadership team) induces a group to pursue objectives held by the leader or shared by the leader and his or her followers. In addition, leadership is a relationship between those who aspire to lead and those who chose to follow.

    I believe that a leader should possess a common standard of conduct. There must be integrity, trust, honesty, high ethics and high moral standards. There has to be a willingness to accept other people’s points of view and appreciate their individual beliefs and biases.

    There needs to be a commitment to help others succeed. I will allow each person to be themselves as long as the interaction is professional. I believe as a leader I should allow people to feel confident that are being noticed, are needed, and are an important part of the school community.

    As a leader I must be able to motivate those under my charge. I want to be a leader where people can depend on me and I can provide them with direction when asked for assistance. I expect, as a leader, that people be trustworthy, a critical and practical thinker, and one who continues to seek out professional development.

    As a leader what is important to me is to possess the shared values mentioned above and lead people without force or threat, practice distributed leadership, and to be a risk-taker. I dislike people who cheat the ones that they serve by not providing them with the best service that they deserve. I also have a dislike for people who lie, cheat, and/or put people down in an effort to advance themselves. I believe that all people should be treated fairly. A good education is a major part of the KEY to SUCCESS!

    Sam Hull
    West AvenuePrincipal

    Anti-Bullying Specialist

    Here at West Avenue School we take bullying and harassment very seriously. As part of a NJ initiative to stop bullying we have selected Jodie Mazza to serve as our school anti-bullying specialist. Please contact her if you have any concerns about bullying taking place in our school.

    Below are links to district policies and information concerning this initiative:

    If you have any questions or comments concerning this initiative please contact our school anti-bullying coordinator Tyrone Williams.

    Bridgeton School District HIB Grade - 52/75

    West Avenue School - 45/75


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