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    2013-2014 ExCEL Calendar


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  • ExCEL Program

    The ExCEL (Extra Commitment Enhances Learning) Program is committed to fulfilling the mission and the vision of the Bridgeton Public School System. In September 2001, Bridgeton Public Schools implemented the ExCEL Program, an innovative program designed to expand its offerings at the middle school level. The ExCEL Program is an established part of the Bridgeton Public School system that challenges its parents, students, and staff to go above and beyond the expectations of a traditional middle school setting.


    ExCEL Program

    Our Superintendent's Leadership Philosophy

    Dr. Thomasina Jones
    I ardently believe that schools exist for students. All children must be treasured and valued in order for them to reach their full potential. I fervently believe that all students can learn when a community of people endows students with the skills that are necessary for them to unlock the future to lifetime success.

    I passionately believe that everyone employed in the school district has a role in the academic, emotional and social success of our students. I believe that the entire school community must serve as role models to our students. There are guiding principles that everyone should manifest in order to serve as role models for our students. The members of the school community should be able to exemplify honesty, integrity, kindness, respect and self-regulation.

    I feverishly believe that students should be afforded multiple opportunities to learn in environments that meet their specific needs. Educators should be able to differentiate and tailor instructional activities in ways that children learn best. It is my role to provide multiple opportunities for students to achieve success in ways that suit their specific learning styles. I will provide staff with the resources, support, and professional development training that will enable them to meet the holistic needs of the students.

    I unconditionally require that employees be mindful that meeting the academic, emotional, and social needs of the students in the district is everyone’s priority. I believe that we must enthusiastically utilize all of our resources and human capital to ensure that the students who enter our district are given the keys to unlock the future to lifetime success.

    Thomasina Jones, Ed.D.