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    School Uniforms

    Uniform requirements are:

    • Burgundy short sleeve/long sleeve polo shirts only.
    • Khaki bottoms including, pants, skirts, shorts, jumpers and skorts. Skirts must be no shorter than 3 inches above the knee, and belts are required on all garments that have belt loops.
    • Shirts must be tucked in, and pants must be worn at the waist.
    • White undershirts are not allowed

    The following items are not allowed: Capri pants, Cargo pants, Pedal pushers, Scooter skirts, Mini skirts, Eskimo boots, Platform shoes, flared or bell bottom pants. Overly tight fitting or overly baggy uniforms are also not allowed

    The following locations are currently stocking school uniforms:

    Message from our Principal

    Coming Soon!


    Indian Avenue School Programs

    Project B.U.L.L.Y. - A program designed by the Parent Liaison to address the issue of bullying within the school. Students become involved by creating art, poetry, essays and other forms of expression. Teachers, parents and Students are surveyed on various topics regarding bullying to ensure accurate data. The Cumberland County Prosecutor reviews all data and provides a law enforcement perspective to the school.

    I Make a Difference - A program designed by the Parent Liaison to reward students for acting as positive role models. Students who are nominated for this award receive a certificate and other small gifts.

    Senior Days - A program designed by the Parent Liaison to incorporate senior citizens into the volunteer program at Indian Avenue School. The program is tailored to meet the needs of our senior volunteers. This program is in conjunction with the Cumberland County Office of the Aging, RSVP Program and the South Jersey Medical daycare Program.

    Volunteers - A program designed by the Parent Liaison to involve people from the local community in the learning environment of the Indian Ave School. Fifteen classrooms at the Indian Avenue School participate in this program on a daily basis.

    School Store - School store volunteers are needed to run the school store on Tuesdays and Thursdays of each week. The store carries everything from crayons to t-shirts. Students are given the opportunity to visit the store during their lunch periods once a week.

    Safety Patrol - This program is offered to students in grades 6 to 8 that have met the proper criteria, such as carrying a "c" average or above, acceptable attendance, and a positive attitude.

    Law Enforcement Partners - This program was designed by the Parent Liaison to incorporate the local law enforcement agencies into the classrooms as volunteers. The program is starting its second school year at this time.

    Honor Roll - Students are honored for making the honor roll for each marking period at the Honor Roll Tea for grades K-2, the Honor Roll Party for grades 3-6, and the Honor Roll Luncheon for grades 7-8. Each student receives an award, a small gift, and parents are always invited to attend!

    Student of the Month - This program celebrates students who have been chosen as the Student of the Month for their classroom. This program is for all classrooms. The student receives an award, a pin, and parents are invited to come and share a cookie and juice with their student.

    Monthly Awards - Monthly Awards honor students who have had perfect attendance for the month, were considered a good citizen, or received a merit award. Students receive small gifts from the principal and parents are invited to attend.

    Eat Lunch w/Child Day - This program was designed by the Parent Liaison to strengthen the family bond. Parents or other family members can come to school during the lunch periods for their child(ren) and share lunchtime. Parents can purchase school lunch or bring in one of their own. This event is a week long.

    Science Fair - The science fair celebrates student work and projects in the academic area of Science.

    Read Across America - This event invites parents and students in Grades K-4 to come out to the school in the evening, read books, share refreshments, and meet other parents, while focusing on the joy of reading.

    National Volunteer Day - National Volunteer Day celebrates volunteers who give of their time and talent to our school. Volunteers must be active and involved, while volunteering on a regular schedule. Indian Avenue welcomes volunteers and feels lucky to have so many!

    School Visitors - We have many school visitors put on presentations for staff, parents, and students, each and every month. We reach out into our community and agencies to provide information on a various subjects. If you know of any agencies or community members that would like to visit our school, please let us know.

    Showcase Night - The program is run by our school facilitator, to allow parents and other family members to catch a glimpse of grade level activities, programs, coached projects, and more. This is a whole school event.

    Activity Nights - Some activity nights offered by our school include, the Winter Wonderland Family Night, the K-4 Craft Night, the Grade 5-8 Activity Night, and others. Each night is designed to provide an opportunity for families to come out to the school and learn a craft, meet other families, read to students, play games, and enjoy refreshments.

    School dances - School dances are planned for students in grades 7 and 8. Students must demonstrate positive behavior and grades in order to attend. The dances are planned by the grade level teachers.

    Family Involvement Bingo - This program was written by the Parent Liaison to connect the teacher, student, and family together by filling in the Family Bingo chart. Each classroom has a Bingo book and students get "dots" for such things as reading to another class, parent forms being returned, attending school and district activities, keeping their desks clean, attending parent teacher conferences, and more. The books are finished in May with a party for students and their parents who have the most dots in their books!

    PAIDEIA Activities - Paideia is our Whole School Reform model and we like to plan activities just for that. Programs for Paideia are planned by our school facilitator and include such activities as, the Paideia and Pasta night, parent seminars, Read Across America, coached projects, and more.

    Parent Spirit - The Parent Spirit Committee meetings are held once a month and are open to all parents! This is a time where parents and other family members gather together and discuss upcoming events, PTO activities, general concerns, meet guest speakers, and share refreshments.


    Contacting Us

    Indian Avenue
    399 Indian Avenue
    Bridgeton, NJ 08302
    856-455-8030, Ext. 6000
    Fax: 856-455-7706
    Nurse: Ext. 6025