COVID-19 Information

Bridgeton Public Schools has taken several measures to ensure the safety and well-being of our students, staff, and community. Social distancing guidelines were implemented to reduce contact between individuals while staff and students began returning to in-person learning. All staff and students were required to wear masks while on campus and frequently sanitize classrooms and common areas. Temperature checks were also conducted for anyone entering any building on school grounds. Bridgeton Public Schools continually monitors the COVID-19 situation and modifies these policies to fit the current environment better. In addition to these policies, virtual learning options were made available for those who could not attend in-person classes due to health or other reasons. Contact tracing protocols have also been implemented to identify potential cases with minimal disruption quickly. Additionally, depending on the current COVID-19 circumstances, off-campus activities such as sports and extracurriculars may be restricted to reduce further opportunities for transmission of COVID-19 among the student population. Overall, these strategies have provided a safe environment for everyone at Bridgeton Public Schools while providing an educational experience similar to what would typically occur before COVID-19 became a global pandemic.
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