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Name Title Phone Extension
Ms Penny Britt Principal Ext. 1202
Mr. Azeem Ahmad Assistant Principal Ext. 1206
Mr. Stephen Lynch Assistant Principal Ext. 1214
Mr. Steven Morris Assistant Principal Ext. 1205
Ms Emily Cannon Guidance Supervisor Ext. 1208
Mrs Karen Horwitz Arts/Music Supervisor Ext. 1225
Mr Steven DiPatri Nusiness/History/Foreign Language/Industrial Arts Supervisor Ext. 1265
Ms Jennifer DeShields Math/Science Supervisor Ext. 1451
Mrs Samantha Terry Language Arts/ESL Supervisor Ext. 1262
Ms Cynthia Wilks Athletics Supervisor Ext. 1257
Rhuby Marsh Principal Secretary/Office Manager Ext. 1202
Christina Smith Main Office Secretary Ext. 1200
Gladys Quinones Budget/Success Secretary Ext.
Sheri Stone Discipline Secretary Ext. 1204
Mary Sweet Attendance Secretary Ext. 1203
Cheryl Boswell Guidance Secretary Ext. 1220
Terri Ott Guidance Secretary Ext. 1210
Dale Paruta Guidance Secretary Ext. 1211
Melodie Stanley Guidance Secretary Ext. 1212
Linda Schaffer Child Study Team Secretary Ext. 1209
Shelby Burger Attendance Officer Ext. 1459
Digna Febres Attendance Officer Ext. 1460
Cassandra Logan Attendance Officer Ext.
Osco Williams Attendance Officer Ext. 1259
Keith Reed   Ext.
Gina Campanella Nurse Ext. 1215
Yvonne Scull Nurse Ext. 1216

District anti-bullying initiative

At Bridgeton High School we take bullying and harassment very seriously. As part of a NJ initiative to stop bullying we have selected Mr. Dan Martinez and Mrs. Boni Kane to serve as our school anti-bullying specialists. Please contact them if you have any concerns about bullying taking place in our school.

Below are links to district policies and information concerning this initiative:

5131 1 Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying

5131 1(Y) Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying Complaint, Form

If you have any questions or comments concerning this initiative please contact our school anti-bullying coordinator Dr. Christopher Tavani.

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