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The Bridgeton Board of Education will hold a Special Action meeting on Monday, March 25, 2019, 5:00pm in the Buckshutem Road School Media Center. Executive Session will be held to review applications for Superintendent. The board does not anticipate taking action.
La Junta de Educación de Bridgeton tendrá una reunión de Acción Especial el lunes 25 de marzo de 2019 a las 5:00pm en el Centro de Medios de Comunicación de la Escuela Buckshutem Road. La Sesión Ejecutiva se llevará a cabo para revisar las solicitudes para Superintendente. La junta no prevé tomar medidas.

In order to prepare each student for his or her role as an active citizen in a democratic society the K – 12 social studies program provides yearly instruction in the social studies disciplines of history, geography, economics, and government/civics. Cultural traditions, multi-cultural perspectives, diversity, and equity are embedded throughout the K – 12 social studies program. In addition to the core social studies disciplines (history, geography, economics and government/ civics) the Bridgeton Public School curriculum offers students the opportunity to study using a variety of content lenses. In addition BPS high school students have the opportunity to take African American History, Sociology, Law and You, and Teacher Cadet as Social Studies electives. These topics in social studies at the high school level to provide opportunities for academic growth in multiple areas of interest contributing to a well-educated citizenry.

The tools of social science inquiry (such as surveys, statistics, maps, documents, interviews, and artifacts) are aligned to the Common Core Content Standards and are introduced and applied age appropriately in grades K – 12. Students will learn performance skills to gather analyze and interpret data, problem solve, make democratic decisions and communicate effectively as they study history, geography, economics and government/ civics. A variety of technology applications are introduced and utilized to facilitate inquiry, research and communication skills in the learning of social studies K – 12.


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District anti-bullying initiative

Bridgeton Public School District takes bullying and harassment very seriously. As part of a NJ initiative to stop bullying, we have selected Dr. Christopher Tavani to serve as our district Anti-Bullying Coordinator. Please contact the program coordinator if you have any concerns about bullying taking place in our district.

Below are links to district policies and other information concerning this initiative:

5131 1 Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying

5131 1(Y) Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying Complaint, Form

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