Bridgeton Board of Education
District Computer Network and Email Account
Staff Password Requirements

In an effort to secure our computer network and email systems, the Bridgeton Board of Education has implemented the password policy as outlined below.

Please be aware that your password should be secure and not easily guessed.
Your selected password should meet basic complexity requirements as outlined below:

  1. Password should be more than 6 characters in length (Characters include numbers, symbols, spaces) 
  2. Password should not include ANY part of your name (first or last) 
  3. Password should not be the same as your last 3 previous passwords 
  4. Password WILL expire every 180 CALENDAR days 
  5. Must contain three out of four of the following: 
  • At least 1 uppercase letter 
  • At least 1 lowercase letter 
  • At least 1 number 
  • At least 1 special character (spaces, periods, commas, etc.) 

Please take this opportunity if you have not already to enroll in the BPS-SSP (Bridgeton Public Schools Self-Service Portal).

If at any time you feel your email your account has been compromised, please immediately report this to your immediate supervisor and change your password. In order to make it easier to change your password, there has been made available a password Self-Service Portal that can be used to reset a forgotten password. This utility can be accessed at the following location: Please login and follow the instructions to enroll in the portal. (NOTE: in order to successfully use the portal, you MUST use Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox and others not listed here are not 100% compatible)

Help for the Self-service Portal can be found either on the portal itself, or at the following location:

Remember your password is only as secure as you make it.