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Parent Liason / C.P.I.S. Staff (2020-2021)

Building Name Phone Extension
Bridgeton High School Dominque Williams Ext. 1240
Broad Street School Ariel Broughton Ext. 1081
Broad Street School Christal Griner Ext. 1078
Buckshutem Road School Chloé Williams Ext. 1915
Cherry Street School Jennifer Boyd Ext. 1524
Indian Avenue School Donna Bard Ext. 1722
Quarter Mile Lane School Sheree Silva Ext. 1813
West Avenue School LaCoya English Ext. 2320
Dr. Geraldyn O. Foster Early Childhood Center Jessica Vega Ext. 1624

Elementary & Secondary Education Act (eSEA)
Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

What is Title I Part A?

Title I is part of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) of 2015. This legislation provides federal funds to help students in schools with high economic needs achieve high standards. The overall objective is to enable all students to meet all state and local student performance objectives and for all schools to achieve the Annual Measurable Objectives targets set by the New Jersey Department of Education.

At this time, all schools in the Bridgeton Public Schools district receive Title I funding. As such, the funds are used for afterschool and summer academic programs, family involvement programs, as well as supplemental instructional materials, professional development and other school-wide and district initiatives. For the 2017-2018 school year, among other initiatives, Bridgeton Public Schools is proud to announce the implementation of several school-based initiatives, which will increase student achievement during the summer or after school, as well as purchasing supplemental materials and supplies students may use during school or at home.

Family & Community Engagement

A critical component of the ESSA Title I is parent outreach. All Title I schools are mandated to implement school level family involvement programs through meaningful consultation with parents to provide opportunities to increase their knowledge and skills related to their children's education. As annual Parent Teacher conferences are mandatory under the grant, Bridgeton Public Schools hold two per year, one during the week of November 14, 2017, with the second being held during the week of April 16th, 2018. In between those dates, conferences may occur at other mutually convenient times.

Each school is required to create, with the guidance from parents and community members, and disseminate a School Parent Compact as well as distribute the District and School Parent Involvement Policy, which outlines the positive expectations of each partner (School, teachers, and students) which leads to student success. Parents of our district should look forward to workshops and programs, which focus upon strategies to help their children improve their academic performance, as well as how to improve the family as a whole. Each school has a Parent Liaison/Community Parent Involvement Specialist who works directly with parents and the community in order to provide workshops and information pertinent to each school's goals.

What is Title II?

In general, Title II funds can be used to provide supplemental strategies and activities that strengthen the quality and effectiveness of teachers, principals, and other school leaders.

The purpose of Title II grants are to:

  1. Increase student achievement consistent with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards (NJSLS);
  2. Improve the quality and effectiveness of teachers, principals, and other school leaders;
  3. Increase the number of teachers, principals, and other school leaders who are effective in improving student academic achievement in schools and;
  4. Improve access for low-income and minority students to effective teachers, principals, and other school leaders

Academic Work Flow

What is Title III?

Title III is the portion of ESSA that serves English as a Second Language Students. Through Title III, students who have a primary language other than English receive instruction in English in a specialized setting. Part A of Title III is officially known as the English Language Acquisition, Language Enhancement, and Academic Achievement Act. The overarching purpose is to ensure that limited-English-proficient students including immigrant children and youths attain English proficiency and meet the same challenging academic content and achievement standards that other students are expected to meet.

Bridgeton Public Schools uses Title III funds to implement language instruction educational programs designed to help limited-English-proficient students achieve standards. The state educational agency and Bridgeton Public Schools are accountable for increasing the English proficiency and core academic content knowledge of limited-English-proficient students.

Purpose of Title IV, Part A
Funds for Student Support and Academic Enrichment (SSAE)

The purpose of the SSAE grant program is to improve students' academic achievement by increasing the capacity of states, LEAs, schools, and local communities to:

  1. Provide all students with access to a well-rounded education;
  2. Improve school conditions for student learning; and
  3. Improve the use of technology in order to improve the academic achievement and digital literacy of all students.

Every Student Succeeds Act

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